"From the very first lesson the Alexander Technique made absolute sense to me, and has been hugely responsible for amazing improvements in the levels of pain and dificulty I had previously experienced." — (LP Somerset)

The Alexander Technique teaches you how you can improve the use, functioning and integration of your body and mind. I use gentle hands-on guidance to help you reduce tension and re-discover balance, without manipulation or exercises.

Relief from back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, tension, stress & fatigue.
Improved posture, balance, flexibility, mobility, digestion, breathing and energy.

I've been teaching the Alexander Technique since 2000, when I qualified on a 3-year, full-time training course (accredited by the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique) at the Centre for Alexander Technique in London.

Chakra Work helps you assess the state of your energy and release blocks which may be causing physical pain and emotional distress. I can help through non-intrusive healing, work on your aura and colour visualisation to encourage your energy to release, flow and balance.

Relief from energy blocks, stress and the effects of trauma.
Improved energy levels, relaxation, emotional balance, grounding and clarity.

I completed post-graduate courses in Psychophysical Integration (combining Alexander Technique & Chakra Work with psychology) in 2007 and 2012.

I offer one-to-one lessons, group work, talks and workshops.

"I did Chakra Work with Gill for some months and found it very helpful for a personal issue I was having trouble with. Gill is a wonderful teacher, very gentle and empathic, human and knowledgeable." — (HR Somerset)

Next Wiveliscombe AT and Chakra Group Workshops

The next Wiveliscombe Group Workshops will be listed shortly. All will be held at Wellcombe Cottage, 13 Rotton Row, Wiveliscombe TA4 2NB. Please contact Gill for more information, to book and pay in advance, and to add your name to the waiting list.

Click in the image of Gill to hear her talk about the benefits of Alexander Technique and Chakra Meditation.