What is the Alexander Technique?

Although many people assume that the Alexander Technique is purely about posture, it's a holistic re-education towards finding and maintaining our balance - physically, psychologically and emotionally. Alexander Technique isn't a treatment, so we work together as pupil and teacher, rather than as client and therapist.

"A session with Gill dispels tension through her gentle and holistic treatment of postural problems. I leave walking on air!"— (HN London)

As we go through life, we all adopt habitual patterns of behaviour in body, mind and emotions. These subconscious patterns are caused by many factors and have a huge, daily influence on how we move, think and feel. Most patterns are helpful, but some can cause imbalance and blockage in our energy and may result in pain, damaging postural habits, stress, anxiety and exhaustion. We donít always notice how damaging certain habits are to us and, even when we do, it can be difficult to make changes.

"With the stresses and strains of running my own business, Gill is helping me to use Alexander to relax and to protect myself from the damage that can be caused by the bad habits that we all learn."— (PB Somerset)

Through one-to-one, gentle hands-on guidance, the Alexander Technique can show you how to recognize harmful habitual patterns and teach you to minimize and/or change these by taking conscious control. It not only helps you to restore holistic balance and make changes (if you wish) but also gives you the ability to observe and deal with future challenges with confidence and insight.

"The lessons have made such a difference to my life that I do not hesitate in saying that, without the Alexander Technique, I am sure I would have had to give up a lot of the physical activities that I can now still undertake with relative ease."— (LP Somerset)

I offer one-to-one lessons, group work, talks and workshops.

I've also made a CD called Using the Alexander Technique, especially designed to encourage and help pupils continue learning between lessons.