Who Can Benefit from the Alexander Technique?

Almost anyone can benefit from the Alexander Technique if he or she is willing to learn (and prepared to use it!) As it isn't a treatment and there are no exercises, the one-to-one lessons are gentle, relaxing and suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. My aim is to offer you the best Alexander Technique help and advice I can so that it makes logistical sense to you as an individual. This means you can start benefiting from using it right from the first lesson, if you wish.

"In just an hour, I gained considerable relief from the shoulder and neck pain I'd been experiencing."— (JS Somerset)

Some pupils look for stress or pain-reduction, others seek confidence and emotional balance, while others want increased flexibility and mobility. As the Alexander Technique works through using a set of very practical principles (aimed towards holistic balance) all can benefit.

"I use the Alexander Technique all the time, whether when sitting at a computer, driving, walking, gardening, standing on a Tube train, or whilst singing or acting. The list is endless. The great thing is that you need no special equipment, just an understanding of your own body and how you can adjust a small thing to make a big difference."— (MK Buckinghamshire)

Since I qualified in 2000, I've worked with pupils who are…

artists, barristers, complementary therapists, doctors, engineers, farmers, gardeners, housewives/husbands, IT specialists, judges, keyboard-players, librarians, music teachers, neural linguistic programmers, office-workers, potters, quantum mechanics (only joking!), recording engineers, singers, teachers, university students, vets, writers, even a radiologist (x-rays!), yoga teachers, z (not yet - waiting for a zoologist!).

All have been interested to see how much the Alexander Technique can help find the potential in their lives, whether they've learnt in one-to-one lessons or in group work.