What Pupils Say…

"Working with Gill helped cure a long-standing neck and shoulder problem - learning the Alexander Technique made me realise I'd been using my body like driving a car with the handbrake on, and has transformed my energy levels." (DS Manchester)

“For me, the Alexander Technique proved to be the start of an incredible journey - not just about posture, but rather more about making choices.” (LG Somerset)

“Learning the Alexander Technique has effectively given me the tools to alter not just my body, but also my approach to daily life. I have enjoyed my one-to-one Alexander Technique sessions with Gill & very much appreciate her sensitive guidance, compassionate understanding and fun!” (GC London)

“I started my Alexander Technique lessons with Gill about two years ago at the age of 40. Up until then I felt that my whole life had been a struggle. The wonderful thing that Alexander Technique has done for me is that I have been able to stop 'struggling' and start 'living well'. I know now that this ability to keep finding ways of 'living well' will stay with me for the rest of my life. That is a very great gift to be given”. (TB Somerset)

“Gill is an excellent Alexander Technique Teacher, a great support and very insightful. Her firm approach helped me to better understand how my own body moves and to achieve the impossible - much better posture and increased wellbeing!“ (GW London)

“I have enjoyed the progress of feeling more at one with my body. Less pain, more confidence when walking, better posture, a certain serenity at finding more time to be at one with yourself.” (LF Somerset)

"When my fibromyalgia was particularly bad I had a course of lessons with Gill. She is a perceptive and sympathetic practitioner and not only helped relieve the physical symptoms by improving my posture and balance, but also helped increase my energy levels and raised my mood." (CD Somerset)

“Learning the Alexander Technique has improved my posture and my confidence. Gill is a great listener and a great motivator and I always look forward to my AT sessions - they are challenging and fun. (GM London)