Chakra Work

What are Chakras?

Chakras are spinning energy centres. The word means “wheel” in Sanskrit and is a metaphor for the sun. The concept comes from a variety of Eastern philosophies. Many people are familiar with chakras from learning Yoga or using Reiki.

The most significant chakras are located along the spine and in the hands and feet, and each are associated with different characteristics and functions in the mind, body and emotions. They influence and mirror our holistic development from birth to death - from survival to enlightenment - giving us information about the quality and flow of our energy and how we interact with the world and each other.

Chakras affect us through different levels of their activity -

  • Mundane - the psychophysical level - affecting the physiological and psychological make-up of a person
  • Psychic - how we receive energy from other people and the outside world, and how we project our own energy psychically
  • Spiritual - inspiration and understanding, given and received

Chakra Balance

A balance or imbalance can affect the flow of our energy. When someone is in holistic balance, the energy flows between and through the chakras. When there is a chakra block, or one or more is too open, the balance will be upset.

We experience these imbalances by feeling “drained” of energy, or through excessive holding of tension and emotions, or by feeling spaced out, ungrounded or overwhelmed.

"Gill has very patiently guided me through a process of self awareness, helping me to discover areas where I was blocking out experiences, causing me to feel anxious at times. I now sleep better and have a much more positive outlook on life."— (TB Somerset)

What is Chakra Energy Work?

This is very gentle, non-intrusive, one-to-one hands-on (or hands-off) work to diagnose the state of your energy and to encourage a calm, steady flow to balance it.

"I have found the Chakra Work with Gill Birchall to be a real revelation, and it's now something I use at home frequently to help myself. It has served to make me much more aware of energy healing techniques and I feel confident that I will continue to use the techniques on a regular basis."— (LP Somerset)

I use touch to sense how your energy is flowing, and to help blocks and tensions disappear as you lie down and relax. We often use colour visualisation to help the process, as each chakra is associated with a particular colour. I teach you how to observe and work with your own energy (rather than simply 'treating' you) so you can learn to help yourself, if you wish.

"I use Chakra Work to 'file' the events of the day, relax and get a better night's sleep."— (LF Somerset)

Chakra Meditations

I offer this as part of one-to-one work or in group workshops as it encourages awareness and increases connection with the chakras. We use mindful meditation to explore how your energy is working for you, and whether it is flowing freely or not.

I've also recorded a Relaxing Chakra Meditations CD and an Energising Chakra Meditations CD for home practice, using visualisation to guide you in understanding your chakras.

I offer one-to-one lessons, group work, talks and workshops.