What Pupils Say…

“A one-to-one with Gill is like passing through numerous doors which open with the right approach. Laughter, illumination and practical application all happen. Listen and learn, you'll go backwards as much as forwards, but little by little, Gill will get you there.” (LF Somerset)

“With Chakra Work, I discovered a me that I was only vaguely aware of. It was a wonderful experience to awaken and use this inner self. “ (LG Somerset)

“I have found one-to-one chakra sessions with Gill to be fascinating and unexpectedly useful. Although initially sceptical, I soon found that I was able to visualize and use internal chakra energy to alleviate RSI pain in my arms, hands and Achilles tendon and also control night cramp. “ (GC London)

“As someone who was sceptical about chakras, I was not only shocked to discover them, but amazed by their beauty and the tremendous release of energy they produced”. (MF Somerset)

“The group sessions are tremendous fun. The group often takes on a real energy of it's own and I enjoy listening to other people's experiences.” (TB Somerset)

“I am very pleased to have Gill's Relaxing Chakra Meditations CD. It is very clear and takes the listener step by step through the chakra energies and selected visualizations. Altogether it's very instructive and a pleasure to listen to.” (GC London)

"Thank you very much indeed Gill for sending the Relaxing Chakra Meditations CD, which I am listening to with pleasure. It is interesting, accessible and informative, with some different ways of working.”
(PL Manchester)